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November 23, 2015

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Anything can be intimidating when you first start out.  Firearms are no different… there are as many kinds of guns as cars and if you are not fluent in the nomenclature it's easy to get lost at first. It’s not that hard once you learn the basic parts, as many of the pa...

The recent shooting in New Zealand, active shooter, active killer, mass shootings, acts of violence appear to be a more and more common event in today’s world.  This is not just a US issue as the media may lead you to believe, but rather a worldwide issue that can happ...

     When making a kit you should try to cover as many of the “Priorities of Survival”.  If you can cover six of eight you will have a complete kit; at least gear wise.  Make sure you get quality items and learn how to use them properly.  Try them out, do not just read...

We should all help those who are unsafe and irresponsible with education and training.  If you have a gun, lock it up, pretty simple. Safe storage is an important component of responsible firearms ownership.

You should know the cardinal rules of firearms safety.

  1. Trea...

            When considering an optic for a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) one should consider purchasing an ACOG by Trijicon. There are several different types of optics out there designed for use on an MSR and each one has its benefits. Typically, a Red Dot style optic...

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