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November 23, 2015

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Your survival needs will be the same between Bugging-In or Bugging-Out.  The benefit of Bugging-In is that you can store more items, weight is not a factor, so we will focus more on Bugging-Out.  Remember you can use these concepts for Bugging-In, and even if Bugging-I...

The current pandemic spread across the globe and consuming our daily lives with most staying home and the media coverage being almost exclusively about COVID-19.  Many are currently practicing a form of Bug-In.  Bug-In means staying home and safe during an emergency....

First off, if you don’t have all the guns, ammo and other necessary supplies, now is not the time to go get them. People panic and don’t do their research. Buying a gun and ammo last minute also makes you susceptible to paying more than you should.  The same goes for a...

If you are someone who concealed carries, then you believe in preparation. Many folks don’t think they need a flashlight since they only go out in the day. Wrong! Ensure that your preparation includes a flashlight.

If you only go out in the day, when it's light out…. Do...

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