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Red Flag Laws and the Constitution

Over the past few years we have seen the tragedy of mass shootings at public locations such as schools, shopping centers and even the workplace. The loss of any innocent life if horrible and needs to be stopped, but we must be cautious in the way we look to stop them. There has become a new push by those that oppose the possession of firearms to enact legislation to remove firearms from the possession of those considered to pose a potential risk. This action has come in the form of confiscation laws given feel-good names. The truth of these laws is to bypass ones right to due process and carry us further down the road to a form of society where the government rules rather than governs.

Since as early as January of 2017 to today, 27 states have seen the introduction of these red flag laws. Of these 27 introduced eight have been signed into law. These laws give wide, and in some cases, unrestricted ability of government and judicial officials to deny the right of firearm possession or outright confiscation of firearms without due process. These state laws are in direct violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution no matter how you attempt to interpret it. The premise used by these far-left politicians is to push for outright gun confiscation and placing power solely in the hands of the government.

The legislation passed by these 8 states has allowed for the restriction of, or denial of ones 2nd Amendment rights based on allegations presented by family members of law enforcement. These laws are in direct violation of the 14th Amendment in wording and intent of that right to Due Process. As we have seen lately in the media and plastered all over the internet, the use of the term fascism and it being applied to Conservatives. This is an interesting tactic as those that support and introduce these Red Flag Laws are instilling fascist laws designed to do nothing more than remove ones right without due process.

The intent of the Red Flag Laws as stated in many of the laws passed is to attempt to reduce gun violence that has become a hot topic for media outlets and politicians alike. These laws are passed to create the sense of security and safety of the masses and goaded into a false sense of protection by the government. The true fact of the matter is most violent crimes in this country are committed by those that live outside the law and acquire their chosen tools in an illegal manner, thus voiding all attempts to legislate the problem away. In addition to passing these laws, legislators are ignoring the fact that more homicides are committed with knives and other blunt instruments.

There is a major downside to these laws and the potential confiscations where the subject of the action, or those executing the confiscation, are placed in situations that have increased lethal outcome. We have seen where this law has led to the death of one gun owner in Maryland where the police were executing a protection order and were there to confiscate his firearms. This ended in the officers killing the gun owner in what can only be considered as a failure in the law. Those there seems to only be one known incident regarding this, the potential for increased fatalities loom on the horizon.

The current political climate for the nation is showing considerable disdain for the Constitution and the freedoms of citizens. We are seeing the restriction of free speech, media is leaning towards special interest and conformity is being sought after by those that wish to change the dynamic of this nation. We have survived for over 200 years and are referred to as an experiment in democracy by many. The truth of the matter is we are not an experiment, we are a success as long as we ensure our legacy is properly represented. We must make sure our future understands our past and how we got to where we are today.

One of the biggest issues in this country today is the youth failing to understand the principles of this nation. We are referred to as a democracy by those that want majority control, yet the truth is this country is a republic defined by a constitution. We do not go simply by majority rule as that can lead to the loss of individual identity and individual rights. We hear calls for socialism and how we must take care of everyone, yet everyone doesn’t want to help take care of everyone. The one thing that stands as most important to the survival of this nation is understanding what our founding fathers placed into the Constitution. We must strive to protect and defend this framework and not stand for blatant violations like these Red Flag Laws.

Copyright B. Jarrett 2019

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