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Staying safe during a global pandemic means more than being armed

First off, if you don’t have all the guns, ammo and other necessary supplies, now is not the time to go get them. People panic and don’t do their research. Buying a gun and ammo last minute also makes you susceptible to paying more than you should. The same goes for all that other stuff folks are freaking out about like toilet paper, hand sanitizer.

These are all good things to have at your disposal if you already have them, but you can survive without toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

More importantly, how is your health? Are you fit? Do you know the conditions that put folks into the high-risk categories? A lot of those you can’t change but a body mass index over 40% is clinical obesity, you can change that, probably not now and not fast. Diabetic, some borderline cases can be managed with diet and exercise also; even with more severe cases diet and exercise will help with your overall health. Smoking, not a great idea these days. That you can change and relatively fast; the hardest part of quitting is the physical habit.

This article is not meant to judge anyone on their lifestyles, fitness or food choices. But it is meant to point out that if you have all the darn supplies in the world, but you are too fat, too out of shape, too sick to use them- you may just die well prepared. It is never too late to get fit. Even if you start today, make one positive change! Go for a walk outside in nature and sunlight!

Scammers! During mass events like a hurricane, a tornado, a mass killing, a global pandemic, sadly there are tons of crappy folks out there who will try to take advantage of you.

I have seen a major increase in scam emails on my own accounts. As we shelter in place and rely more upon Amazon, online ordering, online payments… we need to be careful. Scammers will try to sell you stuff you don’t need, some will try and steal your passwords, some will try and take over your accounts.

Be alert for those scams like an email saying that your account has been closed, we see unusual activity on your account, click here if it was not you. Always look at the link. Use your mouse to hover over the link and you will be amazed when you see how many of those links are not the official link to the official site. Don't click on those links, don’t open them, just delete them. Same goes for those phone calls, do not give out any information. If it is your bank, they have your account information and will not ask for it. The IRS will not call you and request checks or gift cards, they will communicate via official correspondence.

As some may rely more upon delivery services like door dash, uber eats, or pizza delivery guys, practice good security with them. Keep security screen doors locked, leave the exact amount of tip and payment outside and have them leave things at your doorstep. Never invite them in, be super cautious if you open the door to them. Why not take the time to be prepared and leave their payment and tip outside and transact through a closed, locked security door? I think it is very important to support local businesses now but do it in a smart and secure manner.

When others run out of supplies, they may look to places they know are well supplied. Why has the grocery or pizza delivery guy has given you up to criminals who may want to rob you of your Purell? They are potential victims of robbery during deliveries and may say you have desirable items to escape the threat [it is hard to blame them of wanting to get away]. Don’t give them the opportunity to see what you have or don’t have and this will not be a means of escape for them, or if they turn out to be the “criminal” due to either personal choices or dire circumstances of their own they are less likely to target you.

I have also heard rumors (and I call them rumors as I have no proof or data to back that up) of an increase in folks getting robbed in the parking lots of Costco, grocery stores, etc.… and having their items stolen. Practice good situational awareness don’t be on your phone looking down. Eyes up looking around. Watch for folks who don’t belong. Don't linger, get your stuff in the car and leave asap. Follow the old adage of “head on a swivel” took around as you walk, be alert, and take notice of anything suspicious. These tactics will let you react faster than being surprised.

Summary: Don't fall victim to panic buying, stay fit and healthy, exercise, get outside, watch out for scammers online and exercise caution, use security practices with delivery folks, be alert and situationally aware as you leave stores!

Copyright Raven One-Five, LLC, 2020

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