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Be a bright light and have a flashlight!

If you are someone who concealed carries, then you believe in preparation. Many folks don’t think they need a flashlight since they only go out in the day. Wrong! Ensure that your preparation includes a flashlight.

If you only go out in the day, when it's light out…. Do you ever enter a building? Do you ever drop anything? Are you over 50 years old? If you answered yes to any of those… you should also carry a flashlight.

Flashlights are great for finding small things that get dropped, ever drop a screw, coin, or small part in a car? Under the seat becomes a black hole for teeny tiny things. When this happens, there is nothing better than a nice bright flashlight.

Say you are in the mall, store, or indoors anywhere if the lights go out, power goes out, something dramatic like a mass shooting and the lights go out. It can get dark in buildings when the power goes out, especially larger buildings or those with few or no windows. Your flashlight will help you exit, move, and be safe. I believe everyone understands the need for a flashlight at night and how important one can be but think of these alternate situations that may occur during the daytime.

Weapons mounted lights are all the rage these days. Most anyone can have a blinding light mounted to their pistol these days. These are great for target identification so that you don’t shoot the wrong person at night, super helpful. They also can be used to blind or distract or opponent. Be aware that lights and lasers like tracers, work both ways…. Use them sparingly.

It should also be noted that a weapon-mounted light is not, I repeat is not to be used for “looking around” remember its got a gun attached to it…. So don’t point your light at anything you don’t want to destroy, or kill. For this reason, you also need a real, unmounted, handheld flashlight for the looking around for non-threats, dropped items, or in limited light situations [for whatever reason].

Train where you carry your light so you can reach it with your non-dominate hand, train how the switch works, and practice.

The best thing you can do is proper training, on your own or with an instructor. Train a little, a lot. In other words, train in small batches as often as you can. Those who complete our pistol and/or carbine series can request and attend a No-Light/Low-Light course with either or both weapons systems. You will be taught to use a handheld light and optionally a weapon-mounted light.

Raven 1-5 Training Courses [Southern AZ]:

RATH-Defense Training Courses [Northern AZ]:

Click either picture for a link to one of our affiliates who sells bright, EDC quality, and budget friendly lights from NiteCore.

Copyright Raven One-Five, LLC, 2020

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