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Election Time is Coming

While the main election everyone thinks about is the November popular election, there are still primaries being campaigned on and the battle for the future of our country depends on all the levels these elections are being held for. With all the recent state and local government officials “flexing” their power and trying to expand their authority, their thinly veiled true intentions have been revealed.

Many government officials, Democrats, and Republicans who desire more power, we call these Republicans RINOs- Republican In Name Only. As we prepare to begin voting, we need to educate ourselves on each candidate and where they stand on freedoms and rights we value. Even in states like Arizona where the gun laws are the least restrictive, we are at risk from those who want to attack the Second Amendment. Candidates like Mark Kelly are running to take away this right, and he along with other candidates who have the same views will get support from people like Mike Bloomberg who does not live here but will fund them so they can attack our Rights.

With the example set in Michigan, the Governor has been using her “authority” to punish the citizens of her state. These threats were expressed by threatening further quarantine restrictions on them for not bending to her will. The people of Michigan even marched on the state capital [armed] to fight back, which resulted in more posturing and threats from their Governor. If these officials are this emboldened with just the use of fear-mongering of the COVID “pandemic” [1], and we are still armed [at least in the free states]. Imagine if they get their way and disarm us, the government will be more unencumbered and as with any unencumbered government, they will make use of subjects. As a subject, we will be subject to the whim of the government and those in power, and there will be no means of fighting back.

We must fight back with the ballot box while we can, and if needed use the soapbox. If we fail to use the ballot box and the soapbox, the only thing left is the cartridge box. If we allow gun control to prosper, we will lose the cartridge box. Once we lose the cartridge box, we will lose the soapbox, and the ballot box will be next.

Do NOT give up your Rights! The difference between a citizen and a subject is the Right to Bear Arms!

[1] Note: Which has a lower fatality rate then influenza we must deal with every year and do not do any of the freedom restrictions we have been experiencing with COVID.

Copyright RATH-Defense, LLC, 2020

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