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Like an asset – carry a knife.

I saw a great reminder the other day that many folks do not carry knives. It was from a ranch owner who was stating he would pay extra per hour to the man who carried a knife, it showed preparation, and initiative over the one who did not.

There are tons of types of knives out there these days. You can find the perfect blade for self-defense, tactical tool, breaching, cutting seat belts, breaking glass, paring an apple, Swiss army type knifes with tools, even a knife with a thumb drive in it, etc… I don’t care…

The prepared person will have given some thought to their needs.

Whatever those needs are, find a knife that helps you with that and carry it.

If you don’t think you have any need for a knife, carry one anyway. Get one of those small ones with tweezers, scissors, and a nail file and file your nails… I bet you find it useful.

Be mindful of when and where you may not carry a knife. Usually, if you can have a gun, you can have a knife. Pay attention and don’t get jammed up, know the rules, and be aware.

I have heard folks carry two knives, one to loan to people that will ask you for a knife when they know you have one and they don’t. My personal tact is that I don’t lend my knife to anyone. I have seen too many knives come back with tips broken, chunks missing from the blade where someone who borrowed the knife didn’t understand how a tool works or the proper application of such a tool… and sadness ensues.

Not me, you may be thinking, why would I need a knife?

Now if you regularly carry a gun, think about the one built-in need you may have is to protect that gun.

I'm not saying you do but maybe you do and if you do, find a good tool to do that. I like fixed blade knives as they do not need to be opened saving time. Find a knife that fits your hand and you can use it with your non-dominate hand. Your strong hand may be busy holding the gun, keeping it in the holster, fighting…. So you need to be able to easily get your knife out with your left hand and be ready to use it. (this is why I like fixed blades, they are already open and ready to use. Imagine you are holding a bad person with your strong hand and need to draw and open a knife with your off-hand…. Not likely, but still a possibility).

Train where you carry your knife so you can reach it with your non-dominate hand, train how to draw it, and practice.

The best thing you can do is proper training, on your own, or with an instructor. Train a little, a lot. In other words, train in small batches as often as you can.

Copyright Raven One-Five, LLC, 2020

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