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Open Letter to Gun Control Supporters

Subject: Opposition to Proposed Gun Control and All Gun Control

Dear Gun Control Supporters, those Who are Indifferent, and the “As long as I have my hunting guns” crowd

I understand the sway of emotions, but please remember others’ rights do not end where your emotions begin. When you support the Second Amendment these days, you will face accusations and baseless attacks from your opponents but stay strong and resist their bully attempts.

As a former cop and was Crisis Intervention Trained. I had daily interactions with people in a mental health crisis. The reason people get and have firearms when they should not be allowed to is usually due to the government failing to report them to the background check system to prevent them from getting firearms. In Florida, the problem was the school and Sheriff's office did nothing about this “kid” [19yo adult] for 39 calls/contacts. The Texas church shooter was prohibited by law but was never reported to the background check system after his US Air Force Court-Martial and discharge. These shooters pick gun-free zones because they will not face resistance. The most recent Canadian shooting was conducted with an illegally obtained firearm. The suspect violated their gun controls [which are the proposed laws being pushed by anti-gun politicians in the US], and somehow illegally obtained the firearm through a black-market style deal and smuggled them into Canada.

An in-person government screening is not a solution, this was done by Communist governments to disarm their populace before outright bans. They created a list of those who were getting firearms. They deemed anyone who opposes the government in any way a “danger to themselves or others” to take away their rights and could deny their application during the screening. The current system needs to be used and enforced, people who are dangers to themselves/others are given a full trial before losing their rights, but they need to be treated and evaluated [not ignored like in Florida or even in the Aurora, CO incident]. The government also needs to actually prosecute those who lie on the background form or are caught being straw purchasers.

The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It has to do with personal defense, as well as against the government if it becomes tyrannical. The average citizen who is not a felon or mental health danger to self or others [adjudicated by a Judge after a fair trial], should have access to weapons comparable to the military's arms. The NFA and permitting [even in states] is an infringement and reduces the citizens' rights. We as United States citizens [adults] are what the term "militia" in the 2nd Amendment means. The military is not the militia, hence different words. During the revolutionary war, the military were those employed as soldiers and the militia were citizen volunteers who also fought for our independence. Hence the reason 18yo [adult citizen] should be allowed to purchase and own firearms, as long as they are not felons or adjudicated a danger to themselves or others.

The term “Assault Weapons” is a made-up term used for "scary" looking rifles that function the same as several other models with wooden stocks. None of the "upgrades" or features improve or change the lethality or capabilities of the rifle. Most rifles deemed "assault weapons" use small calibers, much less powerful than the most common hunting calibers. Also, the yearly averages of deaths from rifles are consistently under 500 [ a fraction of pistols or even hands/feet], and that is all rifles, not just “assault rifles”. The CDC also conducted a study under then-President Obama, and their results showed an overwhelming number of lives saved by firearms than those lost to firearms. Their known number was in the hundreds of thousands, with projections as high as 2.5-3 million. [Numbers from CDC statistics and research]

Using the “they had no concept of machine guns” argument would also render freedom of speech as to not apply to any electronic communication. They had multi-shot firearms [including machine guns] during the writing of the US Constitution, for example, the Puckle Gun which was similar in operation to a Gatling gun or the Girandoni air rifle that had a 20-round capacity with repeat shot capability.


  • Properly report prohibited possessors

  • Properly deal with people who are dangers to themselves and others

  • Remove Gun-Free Zones

  • Allow teachers and staff to carry, if they choose [do not force]

  • Advocate for training

  • Do not force training

  • If poor, someone may not have funds or access to training

  • The 2nd Amendment is a right, driving is not

All gun control is unconstitutional, and any laws passed will not prevent incidents, and will need to more proposed gun control. This is the “slippery slope” where it will not end until all guns are banned. The difference between being a citizen and a subject is the Right to Bear Arms.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY


Randy Quinn

OIF Veteran [SGT, US Army]

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