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Be Prepared in Times of Violence

The recent shooting in New Zealand, active shooter, active killer, mass shootings, acts of violence appear to be a more and more common event in today’s world. This is not just a US issue as the media may lead you to believe, but rather a worldwide issue that can happen anywhere. Such as this most incident in New Zealand, mass killings in Nigeria-where entire Christian villages are being wiped out, a recent mass shooting in Brazil, or such as the ones in Norway & France. There are many bad guys with varying view points and ideologies, but all have evil intents that can be enacted wherever they decide.

We can be overwhelmed with fear and even more likely a lack of information about what to do, how to deal with it. This often leads to simply ignoring this situation and rationalizing things like, it won’t happen here, it won’t happen to me. While this may be true, we can help you build awareness to further reduce your risk of being involved in a situation like this. Our course “Aware, Avoid, and Escape” is designed to help develop individual awareness skills.

Most of us know the danger of cars versus pedestrians. How often do you really need to look before you cross the street? Could we simply say, there has not been a pedestrian hit by a car in my town for 2 years so I don’t look both ways…. No, because that’s on the edge of ridiculous. We train ourselves, and our children; cars are dangerous, look both ways before crossing the street.

Similarly, we can help with training you for what we all hope never happens. Let us help you to be prepared. Local sheriffs and local police teach ALICE training to schoolchildren so they know what to do in the event of school violence. Our instructors are prepared to provide you similar training from how to be prepared all the way up to advanced shooting skills, concealed carry, we have courses for self and family security and protection, place of worship security, church security teams, and we can tailor courses for special needs upon request.

We can teach you how to make your home, place of worship, your workplace, your life more safe and secure. We can teach you how to defend yourself both armed or unarmed. The last thing anyone ever wants to hear or say is: “We never thought it would happen here”. Be prepared, know what to do and this includes learning first aid and CPR. Being prepared with the right first aid supplies and training in the event others around you are injured could save a life in a different manner.

Among the best things, you can do if you wish to be better prepared in a dangerous world is training and practice, that practice does not always mean a trip to the range. The best things you can do is proper training, on your own or with an instructor. Train a little, a lot. In other words, train in small batches as often as you can.

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