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Make your basic training time count when it counts

As a beginner, the first steps are the most important. Making sure you have the right equipment and set up is critical to good skill development.  Poor equipment choices can lead to bad habits from the start and waste time and money.

We see all kinds of things in the training environment.  If you are starting out and your gun has a 2” barrel and a magnum caliber like 44 magnums or is a teeny tiny “mouse” gun that you can barely grip… you are doing yourself a serious disadvantage.  You will not learn as much, you may develop poor habits and you could jeopardize the safety of others around you at the range.

If your holster is a floppy pistol bucket that you clip to your sweat pants, and you don’t have a magazine pouch but load out of your pockets, say you are shooting a revolver but have no speed strips or speed loaders…. You are doing yourself a disservice.  Take the time and do it right.  Hey, it's your ammo money, your training dollars, if you wish to squander them because you won't spend a bit more on a good holster, mag pouch and a belt, that’s on you. You want to come and learn to flinch because that 2” magnum revolver hurts like a mule kicking your hand, also on you. 

I believe all shooters should start on a 22 long rifle cartridge platform. Be it a revolver, semi-auto, long gun, pistol, I don’t care… all shooting should start with the 22.  The 22long rifle has a very small noise report, very little muzzle blast, and recoil that is extremely manageable.  

There was a time, 22 or was extremely cheap to shoot. Prices have come back down recently, and it is easier to get again.  It really is a great practice round, starter round and frankly, it's killed more people on the civilian side than most other calibers in the USA.

Anyone who says, well that’s just a little 22…. My stock retort has always been, would you like to get shot in the face by a little 22? The answer is always, well no. OK then. No one wants to get shot in the face by a 22, good enough for me.

I have a full collection of 22 firearms that are the first place I go to when I want to teach someone to shoot, no matter what platform. Learn to shoot with solid basics.  Experts agree its shot placement not the size of the bullet that matters. If you miss with the 44 mags, well you missed. If you hit with that 22, well that’s a win.  

[Another option is to get a 22lr conversion kit]

Make the most of your training time when you are a beginner, use good equipment and form good habits.  Sloppy gear and the wrong stuff will waste your time and energy.

Among the best things, you can do if you wish to be a better shooter is practice, that practice does not always mean a trip to the range. The best things you can do is proper training, on your own or with an instructor. Train a little, a lot.  In other words, train in small batches as often as you can.

Copyright Raven One-Five, 2019

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