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Why choose an AR Pistol over the AR Carbine?

So, there is one reason in particular that I choose an AR pistol over a 14.5in or 16in carbine. That reason is maneuverability. I am much more effective in and around my vehicle or residence with a shorter platform. Car seats do not get in my way nearly as much in maneuvering within the vehicle. When clearing or searching a structure the more maneuverable shortened platform makes these tasks easier as well.

The 10.5in AR pistol I built over a year ago has served me well and seen thousands upon thousands of rounds with very few hiccups. I truly believe this is my first choice as a fighting weapon over any shotgun, handgun, or long gun. Even with the limited rail space, I am still able to get a red dot, handstop and weapon light on board. These are my requirements across the board whether it be a shorty or a long gun. I have shot from within the cab of my vehicle many times with this platform, and time after time, it performs to my needs.

If your state and local laws allow it, I highly recommend an AR pistol for your home or car gun. Please, please, please make sure you are within the law before assembling or modifying an AR into a pistol platform, because the law tends to change without everyone being made aware. Take the time to research the statutes/laws/codes pertaining specifically to these platforms and you'll enjoy every minute of being an AR pistol owner. Stay safe out there! 🤙🏻

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