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Add fitness to your training if you are not already

Tough times call for tough people. Are you fit enough to take care of yourself and others? Every week it seems a new active killing takes place. On the way to work, a car crash could happen, could you drag the passengers out of the burning car? Do you get tired after a day on the range, shoulders burning, forearms sore, and not shooting as well as you like?

I have heard it said that fighting for your life is the same as running a mile, for every minute you have to fight. How many minutes could you sustain that fight using that formula? Most Americans, probably not too long…

If you are already on a fitness plan, good for you, stick to it. If you are not, don’t let that food blister you are growing stop you. Get up, get out and do something, anything. Physical activity does not have to be brutal and grueling. Studies now show that any activity is better than none. If you can walk, walk, if you can run, then run The more you do today, the more you can do tomorrow , and the more you can do when it counts.

Consider adding in weights, if you can’t do weights, start with body weight exercises. This is not a fitness training post so Google some exercises, find a yoga class you like on you tube… bottom line is move. If you can move heavy things, move heavy things.

You will feel better, you will live longer, you could save yourself, others and maybe yes maybe you can even shoot better.

Strong shoulders, core, arms, and legs they help you hold up guns. Being flexible, agile, and having some cardio capacity- that helps you move. Get inspired however you find it, music, videos, have a hero or idol to turn to for inspiration. If you are starting slow, start slow, more and faster is not necessarily better. The majority of folks who start a program and stop are because they went too fast and got injured. Injury is to be avoided; we are looking long term, lifestyle here. There are also plenty of folks who incorporate fitness with shooting or shooting training.

Consider adding some fitness moves to your next dry fire practice. Start your grip and draw from the push up position or sitting on the ground. Practice your dry fire trigger pulls after a few push ups… I say a few because if you can do 100 then do them, if you can only do 2 off your knees, then do that.

Consider fitness as one component of your training program. It’s all part of making yourself better.

Among the best things you can do if you wish to be a better shooter is to be fit, fitness does not mean a trip to the range. The best things you can do is proper training, on your own or with an instructor. Train a little, a lot. In other words, train in small batches as often as you can.

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